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Please note this is a double-opt in procedure. Meaning you enter your name and e-mail address into the box below, and you will recieve an e-mail from our mailing list server verifying that YOU want to join the mailing list. This is done so that someone can't come in here and enter 10,000 e-mail addresses. Also we don't not sell the list, nor do anything else with it that would get you an increased level of spam. If you attempt to join the mailing list, and do not recieve you verification e-mail, check your spam box. We can not, REPEAT CAN NOT add you manually to the system, or change your e-mail address. If you change e-mail addresses you will need to complete this form again for the new address, and then unsubscribe your old e-mail address. If you use an e-mail address that you send your "junk" to for fear of spam, please note that when this e-mail box fills to capacity it starts to bounce out e-mails. If we recieve more than 3 bounces from an e-mail address we manually delete it from the system.

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