Yankee-Deitz Lightbar -- Circa 1980's
The Yankee-Deitz Lightbar was a product of the 1980's created in Connecticutt, not far from the home of Whelen Engineering Co., which we now know as Whelen Strobe Technologies. There was a fierce competition for the hearts and minds of emergency consumers at this time between Y-D and Whelen. The Yankee-Dietz was about as tall as the Federal Signal Twinsonic of the same time, but more rounded, and vaguely more aerodynamic, although this bar obviously also qualifies for "Flying Brick" status. The bar itself had one 2 lamp (30 watt spotlight bulbs) beacon on each side of the lightbar, and a pair of flashers on the inboard side of things.

South Amherst, Ohio Police Department

1989 Ford Crown Victoria

Photo by the webmaster

Oberlin, Ohio Police Department

1992 Ford Crown Victoria

Photo by the webmaster

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